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diaryofafaghag's Journal

2 December 1978
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a clockwork orange, a happy death, a shift inside, absolutely fabulous, affection, aimee mann, albert camus, anna nalick, aqualung, art, autumn, being john malkavich, blueberry oolong tea, boxing helena, boys, brand new, bright eyes, casey stratton, cats, charles bukowski, charlotte martin, chat, chicago, clubbing, coffee, crushing through, curve, d&g, dancing, dangerous beauty, dean koontz, dido, divide, dreams, driving, eccentricities, eminem, esthero, evanescence, expression, expresso, fall out boy, finch, fiona apple, five for fighting, franz kafka, frou frou, gavin degraw, gay men, granian, grape, gray, greys anatomy, guinness, guster, habla con ella, half baked, heroes, house of leaves, hunter s. thompson, ice cream, ice cube, igby goes down, impulsiveness, incubus, independent films, intensity, introspection, jack johnson, jason mraz, jay mccarroll, keane, keyth lawrence, kids in the hall, lancaster, lititz, love, massages, memorabilia, minneapolis, music, napping, nick twisp, nowhere, october, olive, orgasms, pablo neruda, parties, paul oakenfold, philadelphia, piano, piercings, pillows, pink (the color), poetry, porn, portishead, pot, power, pumpkin, reading, requiem for a dream, robin cook, rules of attraction, sacha sacket, sage green, sex and the city, shadowed, shopping, slc punk, sleep, smoking, snow patrol, something corporate, spanking the monkey, switchfoot, sylvia plath, tarot, tattoos, tea, the business of strangers, the player's club, the postal service, the red violin, the saloon, the starting line, the stills, thunder, thursday, tori amos, trance, travelling, turkey hill iced tea, waking life, wawa, will and grace, wine, wit, writing, y tu mama tambian, yeah yeah yeahs, youth in revolt